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"Eco Hero" is a little girl who travels the world solving environmental imbalances often caused by human pressure. In every book she visits a different country, makes new friends and solves the problem  with this group.

In this first book, Eco Hero will go to Sweden and teach you more on sustainable development, the magical way!

Pamela Peeters is an environmental economist specialized in sustainable development for more than fifteen years.

She consult companies and personalities on how to "Go Green" and be "Sustainable".

She also produces the Sustainable Planet film festival since 2005. Her first book "Urban Ecology" was released in 2007.

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The Book

Meet the Author !

“ECO HERO” is an unique character  who will teach you about life in balance with Nature and your local Community.  This inspirational leader will show you what environmental preservation is about and why it is important for our well-being.

The book - suited for teenagers from 12 up to 16 - is inclusive of a teacher's manual.