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ECO HERO is a little European girl who has magic powers. She is guided by her mentor – none other than Mother Earth - and wants to inspire the world to “Go Green” and “Sustainable”.

She has met some of the coolest people of the World thanks to her world travels. She also has lots of knowledge about the topic because of her European education.  

When you meet her, she will ask you what your wish is for the future of our planet. You should absolutely tell her what you want our future to look like and what you are doing to make a difference in this world.
ECO  HERO is on a mission, will travel the world and ask the world leaders to listen to your requests, so that Mother Earth can bloom again and maintain a safe haven for the next generations to come.

THE SECRET: ECO HERO is really a child who came from the stars and can radiate magic star dust. Some of it will rub of on you when you do your best in the following assignments.
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The Legend