Who is Pamela

Pamela Peeters is an environmental economist and sustainability strategist consulting with companies globally and developing educational programs for youth with her Eco Hero program, now established in five countries. In 1998 she successfully contributed to the preparations of the state visit of the current King of Belgium to India after which she completed a post-graduate research fellowship at Columbia University. She then launched the “Our Planet” television series, the “Sustainable Planet” film festival, and “Sustainability Week” productions in New York and Brussels.

An author, filmmaker and educator, she was on the marketing team of the U.S. partnerships for the UNESCO decade for Sustainable Education, and received an honorary fellowship from the Vrije Universiteit Brussels in 2015 for her contributions to the field of Sustainable Development. She created this website so that youth would have a unique destination for learning about environmental education and have a place where they can showcase their best work as an Eco Hero. More information on Pamela can be found on www.pamelapeeters.com


Ask Pamela

If you have a question for Pamela, you can send her an email at ask@pamelapeeters.com. Some of them will get published on the page!

Will you save the polar bear?

Pamela answers: “ It will take more than one person to save the polar bear. In fact, it will take the engagement of the entire world. We should not only start creating more marine sanctuaries that are protected (only 0.5% of our oceans are protected) but we should also engage political leaders to make environmental preservation a priority. I can already help you understand more about the science and teach you about the balance between nature and man. We’ll have an event with Inuit elders and children soon, so you can ask them the same question. Other experts will be joining in!”


How will you keep an eye on nature?

Pamela answers: “Keeping an eye on nature is very easy as Mother Earth is a good communicator. Nature exchanges information constantly with its surrounding and if you look or listen attentively, you can pick up on her language too. In the “ECO HERO Lab”, you’ll receive some awesome learning sessions on how to take care of our planet’s different ecosystems. I – on the other hand – receive daily updates from experts around the world! Nature is on my radar screen 7 days a week.”

What can we, children, do for the Earth ?

This question was asked by John, who is 10 years old.

I answered the question – obtained by the Oceanographic Institute in Monaco – through a video that I produced during my last expedition to the Canadian High Arctic. Thanks to the Narwhal Translational Technologies Expedition team members, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation – Canada Chapter and the people of Pond Inlet.

What is a Narwhal and how do Narwhals adapt themselves to the global warming?

This question was asked by Emma, who is 12 years old

I answered the question while interviewing Dr. Martin Nweeia, the leading Narwhal Tusk expert in the world. If you are in Washington, don’t miss the “Narhwal” exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History he co-curated and do the “Eco Hero Trail” that you can download on this website!