The "Eco Hero" Character was created 20 years ago by environmental economist Pamela Peeters and evolved in a first book (an adventure that took place in Sweden) and a workshop for kids. That workshop was first introduced to school kids in a Manhattan Park (New York) and since then … we have gone places and .. received quite some press!
This page will show you how we made the news and, …, where we have been with our “Eco Hero” project.


Inspiring kids to “do good to our planet” is something that we have been taking care of in so far 10 countries and since more than 16 years. Today, we not only train “planet protectors”, but also teachers and after-school educators. Here is a small selection of where we have been so far!

We had a great time FILMING the PILOT for our NEW #ECOHEROLAB TV Series #BELEXPO in Brussels, Belgium on May 5th!

Thanks to a collaboration with the ASTC (Association of Science and Technology Centers) celebrated on World Science Day, our project became the theme and framework for their Science Day

We set up our “Eco Igloo” during the “Arctic Night” for kids and their parents that took place at the Smithsonian Museum for Natural History in Washington.

Presenting the “Eco Hero” program in Canada, during its 150th anniversary in Ottawa upon invitation of the American Embassy.

Our “ECO HERO Sanctuary” found a temporary home in the Children’s Museum for the Arts in Chelsea during “Climate Week NYC.”

The Green School (founded by John Hardy) in Bali: kids get an introduction to our “Become an Eco Hero” course and take a part in the “Eco Hero” Art Challenge,

A group of kids belonging to the "After School – All Star" (AS-AS) program, founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger) in Harlem, were introduced to our "EcoHero" course and our fashion challenge. They made some beautiful totes out of my recycled clothing!

“Eco Hero” art and “Postcards from the Arctic were made during past Narwhal expeditions in Pond Inlet - Canada!

The After School – All Star (AS-AS, founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger) program in Manhattan, was introduced to our course and our art challenge. The most motivated kids were invited to the EXKI organic restaurant and learned how to make a healthy meal from a real chef.

Two classes from the Maerlant Middle School in Belgium received the “Become an Eco Hero Workshop” and took a part in our Art Challenge. They even made the local news!

We were invited to present our new graphic novel featuring “Eco Hero” and “Dr.Narwhal” at the Explorers Club in New York for their Young Cubs program

Our "Eco Hero" program was a part of a college climate initiative as our founder Pamela Peeters became the "Ambassador for Sustainable Knowledge" for the Vrije Universiteit Brussels. She lectured for a group of 80 students and brought some of them to companies involved in sustainable development as to give them a media training.

Kids from the ADCAM Mara Vision school received an introduction into the "Mother Earth" storytelling we offer and later on participated in the "Eco Hero" Art Challenge! This school is situated in Western Kenya on the outskirts of the Masai Mara Game reserve.

Kids from the after-school program in the Bronx community school 55 learned how to become an Eco Hero during “Sustainability Week NYC”. We brought our camera woman woman as well and did one-on-one debriefings as to hear what kids learned

Pamela visited the Middle School in Berchem for the recording of her "Become an Eco Hero" video course, that will be made available for both teachers and students

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