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    Transformed By a Tusk

    Dive into an Arctic adventure with the magical Eco Hero and become a part of a 1000 year old legend that involves a Narwhal, an accomplished scientist and an Inuit community. The comic book was written in collaboration with Dr. Martin Nweeia, the leading Narwhal Tusk expert in the world.
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    BECOME AN ECO HERO (English)

    Award winning environmental economist Pamela Peeters brings a three part book to your school or other educational institution. This 200 page long book shows how one person can make a difference in the development of a sustainable planet, inclusive of an ecological manifesto and a one week workshop.
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    (OUT IN JANUARY 2018)

  • Eco Hero goes to Canada (English)

    Eco Hero goes to Canada (English)

    In this second book, Eco Hero will go to Canada, learn about the Arctic, meets a magical Narwhal and works with Inuit kids in order to help Mother Earth! Inclusive of teacher’s manual!
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  • Eco Hero goes to Sweden (English)

    Eco Hero goes to Sweden (English)

    Eco Hero is a little girl who travels the world solving environmental imbalances often caused by human pressure. In every book, she visits a different country, makes new friends and solves the problem with this group. In this first book, Eco Hero will go to Sweden and teach you more on sustainable development, the magical way!
    A book that makes environmental education fun! Inclusive of teacher’s manual.
    Ages 11 and up.