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Chapter 1: Canada it is.

Eco Hero is part of an expedition that seeks to determine the impact of climate change on the local environment and the community. She travels to the northern tip of Baffin Island and looks forward to make Inuit friends for life. Our magical girl is excited about her new trip which begins at the Ottawa airport at exactly 9:15AM when their First Air airplane departs.

There is lots to discover in this part of the world where the elders teach kids how to read the ice. Maybe Eco Hero can learn this too as she is quick in opening up to new wisdom, especially if it involves Mother Earth with whom she has quite the unusual relationship.

On the plane she picks up a local copy of the “Nunatsiaq News” newspaper which is partially written in English and part Inuktutuk, the native language which has an interesting assembly of signs and symbols. On page five she reads an English section about wildlife officers on the lookout for a polar bear who was seen strolling through downtown Iqaluit.

With all the new signs and symbols to adorn the pages with, the article is a fun read as it beats the regular report from raccoon sightings in Central Park at night she observes occasionally in the local Manhattan media. The article warns locals from Iqaluit about staying indoors if they notice the bear, as petting this wild – most likely hungry – beast is not an option.

On page ten of the paper Eco Hero finds another story of interest. This time she reads about a mining company only one hundred fifty kilometers away from Pond Inlet, the place she is going to stay, who is expanding their iron ore production and shipping activities. Local groups express disappointment that a regional land use plan was getting bypassed. Eco Hero closes her eyes and dives into reflective mode. At that time her ever loyal hedgehog friend Erisson wakes up from the warm and cosy pocket in her jacket and picks up her best friends connection with Mother Earth, which is of a telepathic nature.

“I am signaling a pressure point, time for action.” she reveals to her pet friend. With her inner eye on cruise control and Erisson’s nose transforming into an amplifier, they delve into the different layers of Mother Earth’s language. Together, they see the iron and the surrounding rocky landscape and then zoom out to the Inuit people living further away. The distant vision then goes into the water. New sounds come to them and one in particular feels like a cry for help. “Help us Eco Hero … help us”.

Out of the dark murky water, all deep blue at first, comes a shape. It appears closer now and radiates a connection of love. It seems to then turn to Eco Hero and in her minds’ eye she sees a long white tusk. It’s is a magical sight which Eco Hero is not likely to forget. “Oh my Erisson, we will meet the Unicorn of the sea. We are going to become friends with a Narwhal!”