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Chapter 1: Departure from airport.

Vehicles whiz by at high speed. A little girl inside a white car points a finger at the engines that float next to them. Her name is Eco Hero and she exclaims: “all these people want to take a trip to another country, just like us! Do you see that Erisson?” She pokes at her hedgehog friend to get his attention and they both now look at the same scenery. “Just like us, they are going to open their wings on their back and take off to another country.” Both giggle in the backseat, “right dad” winks Eco Hero and looks back at the car traffic.

Eco Hero sticks her nose on the rear window of the car and looks through it. She notes a sign that reads “Za-ven-tem Airport.” The car exits the main road and drives them to their final destination. She sees many planes now and cars are maneuvering to let their passengers disembark. Our little girl gives her eyes a private tour of the unique melting pot of technology, people and their voyages. She follows the outlines of the buildings and continues, “there, there, I see a man on a ladder. She points at a statue up on one of the buildings and continues: “it looks as if he is measuring the sky.” Erisson observes the bizarre scene. Eco Hero comments: “how funny, to place a statue at the very top of a building.”

“All right”, her father Frank says, while bringing the car to a safe stop, “it seems like we have arrived. Let’s take your luggage out of the car and get you on the next plane to Sweden!”

The check-in, security control and boarding go smoothly and we now find Eco Hero flipping through the pages of the in-flight magazine. “Look Erisson, this is Sweden!” She points at an article that describes the best that Stockholm has to offer. She reads out loud in a serious tone: “Sweden is a country known for its hundreds of lakes and beautiful forests. The people from Sweden are renowned for their love of nature. In the summertime, they enjoy sailing and engage in other pastimes on the water.”

“Sounds like this trip is going to be great and I’m so looking forward to discover the old part of town, do some boating and visit my friend Pascal at the Nobel Prize Museum. It is going to be an exciting journey.” She flips through the magazine pages, orders a drink and looks outside the window. They start their descent not much later.